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ERC registrations reach a colossal 105

At the halfway point in the 2015 FIA European Rally Championship, the series promoter, Eurosport Events, has received an incredible 105 registrations! With two weeks still to go before the start of round six, auto24 Rally Estonia, the ERC has received 44 registrations for the ERC1 category (R5 and S2000), 16 for ERC2 (NR4 production) and 45 in ERC3 (R1, R2 and R3). The ERC3 registrations include 27 registrations for ERC Juniors. The growing popularity of the ERC is a sign that the calendar of high-quality events, global television coverage reaching 250 Million viewers, fierce competition, large Privateer Prize Fund and the friendly, welcoming and inclusive spirit makes it a championship more and more competitors want to be a part of.

Stunning ERC debut win for ŠKODA Fabia R5

Freddy Loix demonstrated the true potential of the ŠKODA Fabia R5, by taking the car to victory on its FIA European Rally Championship debut. Co-driven by Johan Gitsels, Loix and the BMA team worked hard to fine-tune the Fabia R5’s set-up to come from as low as sixth and as far behind as 26.1 seconds to win the Kenotek by CID LINES Ypres Rally by 27.5 seconds. With more and more Fabia R5s being delivered to customer teams, expect to see more of the fantastic new ŠKODAs challenging for more ERC victories.

Dumas wins Colin McRae ERC Flat Out Trophy

He is a man of many talents, with trophies for endurance racing, cross-country desert rallying, hillclimbs and stage rallies – yet Romain Dumas was truly delighted to receive the Colin McRae ERC Flat Out Trophy, following his outstanding performance on the Kenotek by CID LINES Ypres Rally. Le Mans 24 Hour pole-sitter looked set to clinch the FIA R-GT Cup, and finish fourth overall, until his Porsche 911 GT3 suffered transmission problems on the penultimate stage. His speed impressed the panel of judges, and Dumas was presented with the award by Colin’s father Jimmy McRae. “To win the Colin McRae Trophy, for me it’s a great honour,” said Dumas. “I think I was pushing quite well. The Porsche was quick, and to be quick you have to be aggressive, as McRae was, so I’m very pleased.”

Privateers prize money set to total 230,000 Euros in 2015

The Privateer prize fund is set to reach a massive Euros 230,000 by the end of the 2015 FIA European Rally Championship, highlighting the importance series promoter Eurosport Events puts on its competitors. Seven drivers once again shared the 20,000 Euro privateer prize jackpot at the finish of the Kenotek by CID LINES Ypres Rally. The cheques were presented by ERC Co-ordinator Jean-Baptiste Ley, after a hard-fought round five of the ERC. The Euro winners in Belgium were:

First position: Freddy Loix (€7000)
Second position: Vincent Verschueren (€5000)
Third position: Bruno Magalhães (€3000)
Fourth position: Jaromír Tarabus (€2000)
Fifth position: Martin McCormack (€1000)
Sixth position: Davy Vanneste (€1000)
Seventh position: Euan Thorburn (€1000)

High qualify entry for auto24 Rally Estonia

The auto24 Rally Estonia, round six of the 2015 FIA European Rally Championship, is attracting an exceptionally high quality entry. The provisional list includes ERC leader Craig Breen, Juha Salo, Timmu Kõrge and Björn Adolfsson (Peugeot 208 T16s), Robert Consani and Karl Kruuda (Citroën DS3 R5s), Kajetan Kajetanowicz, Raul Jeets, Sander Pärn, Jarosław Koltun, Tomasz Kasperczyk, Martin Kangur, Lars Stugemo and Radik Shaymiev (Ford Fiesta R5s) and Antonín Tlusťák, Teemu Suninen and Yury Arshanskiy (ŠKODA Fabia S2000). Alexey Lukyanuk is trying hard to put a deal together to be there as well. The extremely popular fast gravel rally will begin on Friday 17 July with a ceremonial start and City Stage in Tartu. The event contains 16 special stages, covering 202.86 kilometres. The vast majority of the competition takes place on Saturday and Sunday (18-19 July). The auto24 Rally Estonia is a round of the ERC Junior and ERC Gravel Master championships.

ERC gears up for Barum Czech Rally Zlín

The Supplementary Regulations have been published for this year’s Barum Czech Rally Zlín (28-30 August), round seven of the FIA European Rally Championship. Following a 4.71 kilometre Qualifying Stage on Friday (28 August), the traditional opening SSS Zlín street stage gets the event underway later the same evening, with three laps of the magnificent city centre super-special. Leg one continues the following day, with eight stages totalling 141.85kms. The second and final leg on Sunday (30 August) contains a further six stages, including two runs over the famous Troják stage which, at 23.01kms is slightly longer than last year and the longest stage of the event. The service area is in Otrokovice, with the finish ceremony in Zlín. Entries forms can be found on the event website:

ERC aces support FIA Action for Road Safety

The FIA European Rally Championship registered crews taking part in the Kenotek by CID LINES Ypres Rally endorsed the FIA Action for Road Safety campaign, by taking part in a photoshoot on the start ramp. The FIA's Action for Road Safety is a global campaign, focusing the federation's resources on helping its member organisations around the globe to educate and advocate for safer roads, vehicles and behaviours. It aims to lower the alarming figures associated with global road accidents and to spread the safer motoring message. Central to the campaign are the 10 Golden Rules for Safer Motoring. A set of simple tips intended to help motorists improve their driving behaviour. These rules hope to assist motorists in reaching a golden standard of motoring and to remind them of their responsibilities to themselves, their passengers and all other road users.

Q&A: Freddy Loix caught up with Freddy Loix after he’d scored his record 10th Kenotek by CID LINES Ypres Rally win; and the first victory in the FIA European Rally Championship for the stunning ŠKODA Fabia R5.

How special is your incredible 10th Ypres Rally win?
“I was trying, but my start was not going as everyone was expecting and it was quite difficult with the new ŠKODA to find some grip when changing direction. We were talking a lot over the ‘phone to the engineers, because we had to react because everyone was pushing a lot. I was 25-26 seconds behind, but the moment we found the right set-up, we just went flat-out! So yes, this win is very special.”

When you were 25.8 seconds behind at the end of leg one, did you still think you’d win the Ypres Rally?
“Definitely not, because I knew that if we could not find more speed in changing direction that we could never follow the leading cars. But on leg two, after the first stage, already I had a better feeling and straight away I was on the ‘phone to my engineers again, saying we still need a little bit more grip in some kind of corners. After a few clicks for the second stage, then I knew it was my time.”

You have given the ŠKODA Fabia R5 its first ERC victory. How proud does that make you feel?
“I am very proud. On the other side, I was surprised. We had a good feeling on the test, but when we started the rally on Friday, I thought ‘shit, this is going to be a difficult one’ and we had to react. Of course the experience from me and my team helped and ŠKODA Motorsport sent some people over and with some clever people we found the right set-up. Then it was party time!”

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auto24 Rally Estonia
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