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4 April 2015

Discover Northern Ireland Circuit of Ireland Rally, Round 2 of 6, 2-4 April 2015

FIA ERC Junior Championship: Driver quotes (post-event)

Mattias Adielsson (Sweden) Born: 11 May 1991 Car: Peugeot 208 R2 Co-driver: Christoffer Bäck (Sweden) DNF

“Testing, free practice and qualifying was perfect, and then leaving the start line of stage one our car had a misfire and we lost 50 seconds. We found the fault at the end of the stage, it was a loose plastic connector, and after that all was good. We overshoot a junction on SS3, but the afternoon was good.”

Jon Armstrong (United Kingdom) Born: 11 December 1994 Car: Peugeot 208 R2 Co-driver: Noel O’Sullivan (Ireland) DNF

“It was first service on Friday morning; we had already fuelled the car, so didn’t go into the refuel zone and missed the tyre marking. It was a mistake, just one of those things, and we received a five minute penalty at the end of the day. I was really pleased with our performance and speed on day one – it was good to be first out of 19 ERC Junior drivers and leading with such a big margin.”

Fergus Barlow (United Kingdom) Born: 20 December 1992 Car: Ford Fiesta R2 Co-driver: Alistair MacCrone (United Kingdom) 7th

“The pace in the ERC is very fast, and you have to be pushing at every corner. Every time you coast, you lose time to the others. You really have to up your game here and it’s a great craic.”

Calvin Beattie (United Kingdom) Born: 15 November 1994 Car: Peugeot 208 R2 Co-driver Darragh Mullen (Ireland) 9th

“We had an off halfway through the second stage, broke the steering and lost ten minutes. That really knocked our confidence, and after losing so much time it was just a case of getting to the finish. Plenty have people have dropped out, so it’s a good feeling to reach the finish.”

Emil Bergkvist (Sweden) Born: 17 June 1994 Car: Opel Adam R2 Co-driver: Joakim Sjöberg (Sweden) 1st

“One day one it was really slippery, but that’s was the same for every driver. I was happy with my driving, and surprised to have set the fastest ERC Junior time on the first stage. Doing a small rally in Ireland as part of our pre-event test was a good idea, as it has given the team the edge on this event.”

Gino Bux (Belgium) Born: 11 August 1990 Car: Peugeot 208 R2 Co-driver: Eric Borguet (Belgium) DNF

“We were very fast into a corner and understeered. It wasn’t bad, but we hit something and picked up a puncture. As it was only four kilometres from the end of the stage, we continued. Unfortunately, we understeered again – I pulled the handbrake because I couldn’t turn, but we hit something and broke the steering.”

Kevin Eves (Ireland) Born: 19 July 1991 Car: Peugeot 208 R2 Co-driver: Chris Melly (Ireland) DNF

“We made a mistake during the recce and called a corner too fast, we had it as a fourth gear corner instead of a second gear one. We went off, clipped a bank, picked up a rear left puncture and had brake problems. After limping through SS3, it cost us over four minutes in all, which was a shame, because we haven’t been doing anything too dramatic.” STOPPED SS9

Diogo Gago (Portugal) Born: 7 August 1991 Car: Peugeot 208 R2 Co-driver: Jorge Carvahlo (Portugal) DNF

“We flew too high on one jump and landed on the nose of the car, so we backed off a little bit after that. Step-by-step we have learnt a lot. It was better to be careful, because some of the corners were so slippery.”

Fergus Greensmith (United Kingdom) Born: 26 December 1996 Car: Ford Fiesta R2 Co-driver: Elliott Edmonson (United Kingdom) DNF

“We had a half spin on the opening stage, but we slid off the road on SS11 and got stuck.”

Marijan Griebel (Germany) Born: 18 May 1989 Car: Opel Adam R2 Co-driver: Stefan Clemens (Germany) 2nd

“We have been getting faster and faster and the rally progressed, and SS12 was the first time that we pushed 100%. We had to take risks….

Vasily Gryazin (Russia) Born: 11 November 1993 Car: Peugeot 208 R2 Co-driver: Dmitry Lebedik (Russia) 4th

“Everything was good on day one, although we could have gone a little bit faster on some of the stages. Hamilton’s Folly, with all its crests and jumps, was incredible. On the second day we had steering and gearbox problems….

Chris Ingram (United Kingdom) Born: 7 July 1994 Car: Peugeot 208 R2 Co-driver: Gabin Moreau (FRA) 3rd

“I’ve done three events in Northern Ireland and I’ve crashed three times, so I’m very pleased to finish on the ERC Junior podium having made no mistakes. The stages have been great and I’ve really enjoyed the event.”

Kristóf Klausz (Hungary) Born: 1 June 1996 Car: Peugeot 208 R2 Co-driver Balázs Kecskeméti (HUN) DNF

“We tried to be faster and faster, but we jumped on a bump, landed on the grass and couldn’t brake because we had no grip. We hit a bush and a pole and then rolled. Unfortunately, there was a lot of damage to the car, because we hit the right front side quite hard.”

Łukasz Pieniążek (Poland) Born: 19 September 1990 Car: Peugeot 208 R2 Co-driver: Jakub Gerber (Poland) 6th

“The event started with a spin on the opening stage and then we lost control on a very slippery section on SS4. We were lucky to stay on the road, although we did hit a tree. We have really enjoyed the Irish stages and have improved stage-by-stage.”

Steve Røkland (Norway) Born: 14 June 1992 Car: Peugeot 208 R2 Co-driver: James Aldridge (United Kingdom) DNF

“It was quite difficult, having not been able to test before this rally. But even on the first day we were only one second per kilometre behind the fastest drivers. We had no pre-event test and this is only my fifth Tarmac rally, so I am very happy.”

Ralfs Sirmacis (Latvia) Born: 29 May 1994 Car: Peugeot 208 R2 Co-driver: Artūrs Šimins (Latvia) 5th

“We had a cautious run this time, because we wanted to get to the finish. We tried to push a little bit more on day two, but we arrived at a corner on SS11 too fast. Instead of crashing, we aimed at a field, and the spectators showed us the way to get out.”

Julius Tannert (Germany) Born: 12 May 1990 Car: Opel Adam R2 Co-driver: Jennifer Thielen (Luxembourg) DNF

“Unfortunately, we did not do many kilometres. On day one we broke a driveshaft and on day two we hit a telegraph pole and broke the radiator. It was a great shame, because I like the event. The roads are very fast and challenging and we expected a lot more. I’m already looking forward to coming back to Ireland.”

Florin Tincescu (Romania) Born: 8 April 1993 Car: Peugeot 208 R2 Co-driver: Sergiu Itu (Romania) 8th

“The Circuit of Ireland is a fantastic, wonderful rally, but it’s also very hard and difficult. For me, it’s the best Tarmac rally in the ERC. One stage we finished with flames coming out of the front wheels – I didn’t like that stage so much, but the others have been fantastic!”

Aleks Zawada (Poland) Born: 31 March 1992 Car: Peugeot 208 R2 Co-driver: Cathy Derousseaux (Poland) DNF

“We hit a wall and bent the rear left corner on SS5. Unfortunately, we ended our rally after the sixth special stage, because we had broken the rear suspension and it was impossible to continue driving.”



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ERC Junior podium_Circuit of Ireland.JPG

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