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Round 5 of 6: Rally di Roma Capitale, 14-17 September

SÉBASTIEN BEDORET (BEL) Championship position: N/A
Co-driver: Thomas Walbrecq (BEL) Car: Peugeot 208 R2

“The car is fixed, the engine is okay so I am excited to be back. The stages will be a surprise for me because I don’t know this rally. Finishing in the top five in ERC Junior Under 27 is my target.”

DOMINIK BROŽ (CZE) Championship position: Seventh
Co-driver: Petr Těšínský (CZE) Car: Peugeot 208 R2

“We were feeling very well in the car at Barum with a good speed. Unfortunately, we had some electrical problems on the final leg. But now the car is working perfectly after we found a solution during a test before this rally. From looking at videos, the stages in Rome look very interesting, a bit faster like the Canary Islands, so we hope we can find a good speed like at Barum, maybe better.”

JARI HUTTUNEN (FIN) Championship position: Fourth
Co-driver: Antti Linnaketo (FIN) Car: Opel ADAM R2

“After our unfortunate off at the Barum Rally our initial position for the remainder of the season is crystal clear: if we want to clinch the title in the FIA ERC Junior U27 we have to go maximum attack in the last two rounds and, in the best case, win each of them. We know that we have the potential to do so in our Opel ADAM R2, having perfect support from the ADAC Opel Rallye Junior Team. As always in FIA ERC Junior U27 the competition will be extremely tough. But that’s exactly how we want it to be. And we are very much looking forward to this new experience at Rally di Roma Capitale.”

CHRIS INGRAM (GBR) Championship position: Second
Co-driver: Ross Whittock (GBR) Car: Opel ADAM R2

“After two tough rallies at Rzeszów and Zlín we are aiming to get back on track at Rally Roma. I am excited to race in front of the enthusiastic Italian crowd and to see one of the greatest cities of all. As always the goal will be to go for the podium in the hotly contested FIA ERC Junior U27 together with my new co-driver Ross Whittock. I’m excited to say Ross will be partnering me for the final ERC rounds in the battle for the U27 title. The Whittock name has great rallying pedigree and I'm confident Ross has the passion and talent to navigate me to the title. With two wins under our belts we are still in a good position.” 

KRISTÓF KLAUSZ (HUN) Championship position: N/A
Co-driver: Botond Csányi (HUN) Car: Peugeot 208 R2

“Rome is a completely new race for me and I look forward so much to see this event. I am curious as well because the last time in Poland we could not really show our speed. Unfortunately, we crashed and my navigator fainted, we accompanied him to the hospital but he was not seriously injured. All is okay now and we are ready and very excited to come back to the ERC. We would like to come back next year so it is important for us to collect more data and experience from this event.”

KAREL KUPEC (CZE) Championship position: Sixth
Co-driver: Vladimír Osička (CZE) Car: Peugeot 208 R2

“I don’t know what can be possible because I have a new co-driver for this event, the co-driver from my brother Radomír. Normally I am the boss in the car because I have always been older than my co-drivers but Vladimír is 45 so it will be different. It’s our first time together and it’s the first time for me doing this rally so the target is to finish and try to win some stages.”

FILIP MAREŠ (CZE) Championship position: Third
Co-driver: Jan Hloušek (CZE) Car: Peugeot 208 R2

“I have been watching videos and there is a good mix of narrow sections and wider roads, some bumpy, some smooth. The title is possible but really difficult although, like everyone, I am here to win and I will do my best. It was our plan to do a rally in Slovenia before Rome but we decided we could be better prepared by not doing the rally. We had a small problem with the clutch in Barum but everything is okay now.”

TAMARA MOLINARO (ITA) Championship position: Eighth
Co-driver: Giovanni Bernacchini (ITA) Car: Opel ADAM R2

“I am very much looking forward to be able to race in my home country together with my co-driver Giovanni Bernacchini and meet many friends and fans. It’s always nice to be in a place where your mother language is spoken. After studying several onboard videos of the rally I hope that the special stages will suit me better than those at Poland and Czech Republic did. As always we intend to be clever, drive both controlled and quick and get our ADAM R2 to the finish line. Of course it would be wonderful if we could clinch the title in the ERC Ladies’ Trophy for the Opel Rallye Junior Team.”

CATIE MUNNINGS (GBR) Championship position: Twelfth
Co-driver: Anne Katharina Stein (DEU) Car: Peugeot 208 R2

“Rally Rome was confirmed very late for us, our budget is very tight so we weren't sure we would make it after the fast turnaround from Czech Republic. But we were determined to be here although we were only able to confirm our entry last Thursday. We have all been working flat out to get it together and we’re looking forward to getting some sleep! I am very excited to drive this rally and I think the atmosphere will be one of the best all season. The competition will be tough, and the roads are very fast, but also quite bumpy so it is more technical than I was expecting... especially if the rain from the previous weekend continues. It will be a new experience for me, which is always great for learning.” 

ALEKS ZAWADA (POL) Championship position: First
Co-driver: Grzegorz Dachowski (POL) Car: Opel ADAM R2

“I had goals and aims at the start of the year although I didn’t expect to be leading the championship at this stage of the season. But I’ve still got to accomplish it and we shouldn’t get too excited about leading the championship right now, we need to focus on bringing it to the end. The success is always a combination of all the variables coming together and definitely a little bit of luck comes into it. It’s all still to play for, the championship is completely open and everybody is starting this rally on the same page because none of the ERC drivers have seen the stages before. The fact that no one has that advantage here is a positive. Also, the rally itself, the fact it’s in Rome, a massive capital city with the awesome idea of the parade and stage in the city with loads of spectators is going to be great. The roads are also a lot faster than what we expected, at least that’s what I’m hearing. We’re making sure our car will be in top-top shape after some problems in Zlín so we can push hard.”



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