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8 February 2015

FIA ERC Junior Championship: Driver quotes (post-event)

Rally Liepāja, Round 1 of 6,

Mattias Adielsson (Sweden) Born: 11 May 1991 Car: Peugeot 208 R2 Co-driver: Christoffer Bäck (Sweden) Final position: Fourth

“I tried to push as fast as possible and for the first time we are in ERC Junior and we are fourth. We had an engine problem after the roll at the finish of stage eight. I knew Emil [Bergkvist] would be very fast after the fights we had at home. The gravel and mud on the first stages were very difficult but we managed to get to the finish line.”

Jon Armstrong (United Kingdom) Born: 11 December 1994 Car: Peugeot 208 R2 Co-driver: Noel O’Sullivan (Ireland) Final position: Fifth

“The first stage was my first time on snow on studs and it was a bit of a baptism of fire. I got into it okay and the time was good. The second stage we had an overshoot on a left corner towards the start and I had to reverse backwards to get back on so we lost about 15 seconds. We also slightly overshot a junction on stage seven. It was actually snowing at home [in Northern Ireland] before we came here but we didn’t have studded tyres to test! There were places where I could have gone faster on this rally but we came here to score points and that’s what we’ve done and it and it’s not bad for my first time on snow. The next event is the Circuit of Ireland and that’s based an hour from where I live.”

Emil Bergkvist (Sweden) Born: 17 June 1994 Car: Opel Adam R2 Co-driver: Joakim Sjöberg (Sweden) Final position: First

“The first morning was really good because we find our own pace and I was really pleased with this. I had a good feeling with the car. I was a little surprised to be leading and to win it’s incredible. I am so thankful for my team. It’s cool but now we need to continue like this.”

Gino Bux (Belgium) Born: 11 August 1990 Car: Peugeot 208 R2 Co-driver: Eric Borguet (Belgium) Final position: Retired (radiator SS1)

“It’s a shame we didn’t have one more day because we were having fun after yesterday. It was a shame what happened yesterday but it was my first time on snow and it’s all about experience.”

Wojciech Chuchala (Poland) Born: 19 February 1989 Car: Peugeot 208 R2 Co-driver: Sebastian Rozwadowski (Poland) Final position: Retired (off-road SS8)

“I probably didn’t have the best idea to drive the front-wheel-drive car in such conditions with the long studs because before I was driving Group N and R5 cars. Even on the first stage I had more moments than during the whole previous season! I did not get used to a car like that but I was getting better and better and I will change my driving style to be a bit more better, more smooth.”

Guillaume de Mevius (Belgium) Born: 4 August 1994 Car: Peugeot 208 R2 Co-driver: Geoffrey Brion (Belgium) Final position: Retired (off-road SS2)

“I learned a lot after retiring yesterday and the feeling was good. Now we look to the next race.”

Diogo Gago (Portugal) Born: 7 August 1991 Car: Peugeot 208 R2 Co-driver: Jorge Carvalho (Portugal) Final position: Seventh

“I am happy to finish. It was a difficult rally, but for my first time on snow it’s a good result. Yesterday was a difficult day when we had the roll and damaged quite badly the car, but day two was better.”

Marijan Griebel (Germany) Born: 18 May 1989 Car: Opel Adam R2 Co-driver: Stefan Clemens (Germany) Final position: Retired (off-road SS4)

“I’ve had only one gravel rally and last year eight kilometres here before this. I knew before I can’t go as fast as the Scandinavian drivers. The conditions are very difficult and the ruts are quite deep with a lot of snow outside of the ruts. It was not easy.”

Vasily Gryazin (Russia) Born: 11 November 1993 Car: Peugeot 208 R2 Co-driver: Dmitry Lebedik (Russia) Final position: Retired (engine SS6)

“On the first stage on a slow left corner about two kilometres from the start my braking was too late and we were going out of the road. There was no hitting anything but we just stopped over there. We lost a lot of time stuck off the road. Before stage four the car don’t have power some time. We fixed it 50/50 but on stage four we don’t have powersteering, which is why we were going out of the road and why we stopped. I hated this first stage.”

Chris Ingram (United Kingdom) Born: 7 July 1994 Car: Peugeot 208 R2 Co-driver: Gabin Moreau (France) Final position: Sixth

“It was a really difficult start to be honest with all the snow and slush and our road position didn’t help us. We had a good set-up but you were going to slide no matter what. Although it wasn’t quite the start to the season we wanted the competition has been great and it’s been an incredible experience and I really want to thank Peugeot UK for making this possible. We struggled on the first stage this morning and I tried to push a bit more but went off on stage two and got stuck. It was a big mistake. The next round is the Circuit of Ireland and that’s when the season really starts for us. Bring it on!”

Łukasz Pieniążek (Poland) Born: 19 September 1990 Car: Peugeot 208 R2 Co-driver: Jakub Gerber (Poland) Final position: Retired (off-road SS11)

“We started cautiously because it was my first rally on this surface. I had never been driving on gravel with snow before and these were my first kilometres. The times were not so good but we were enjoying the rally and taking good lessons.”

Rainer Rohtmets (Estonia) Born: 27 August 1992 Car: Citroën C2R2 Max Co-driver: Rauno Rohtmets (Estonia) Final position: Retired (engine after SS9)

“I made some mistakes and maybe it was not so good driving. I was not confident at the start and the car did not want to stay in the ruts and you needed to do a lot of work to keep the car on the road. On stage eight we lost almost 20 minutes when we went off into a ditch. Then we had an engine problem and stopped after stage nine because we didn’t want to risk blowing the engine.”

Steve Røkland (Norway) Born: 14 June 1992 Car: Peugeot 208 R2 Co-driver: James Aldridge (United Kingdom) Final position: Second

“Second place is a great result for us and many points for the ERC Junior Championship – it’s just fantastic. We took no big risks or anything and no big moments either. It was a really difficult rally, even for a Norwegian. The car was working perfectly but I needed to attack more to catch Bergkvist but I didn’t want to risk not finishing.”

Ralfs Sirmacis (Latvia) Born: 29 May 1994 Car: Peugeot 208 R2 Co-driver: Artūrs Šimins (Latvia) Final position: Third

“It was very slippery on the first day because we clean the road and the time was not so good. I could not get the speed out of the corners and we had the water temperature alarm come on after stage two. Today there was a lot of snow on the road and we could not get out of the corners. It was a hard rally.”

Julius Tannert (Germany) Born: 12 May 1990 Car: Opel Adam R2 Co-driver: Jennifer Thielen (Luxembourg) Final position: Retired (broken wheel SS2)

“I was happy to have a lot of experience. It was a good rally, but unfortunately no points in the championship. I like Tarmac more, so I’m looking forward to events like Ireland and Barum, but Latvia was a very good experience.”

Aleks Zawada (Poland) Born: 31 March 1992 Car: Opel Adam R2 Co-driver: Cathy Derousseaux (Poland) Final position: Retired (radiator SS8)

“We can take a lot of positives out of this weekend for the first time in the Adam R2 and we got to know each other very well. It ended not so great because we couldn’t finish. Unfortunately I made a mistake. It was not the correct pacenote on one corner and we went off the road. On a positive note we won one stage today and showed we had pace along with the Opel Adam R2. We know we can do some more good times and I can’t wait to the next round to prove we can be quick on asphalt as well.”



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