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23 JULY 2018


Round 3 of 6: Rally di Roma Capitale, 20-22 July
DOMINIK BROŽ (CZE) Position: Sixth
Co-driver: Petr Těšínský (CZE) Team: ACCR Czech Team Car: PEUGEOT 208 R2
“For us it was a bad rally because we had a crash yesterday for my stupid mistake and I had a bad sleep! And this was also bad because the stages yesterday were very similar to what we have in Czech Republic and I wanted to drive on these roads. But the stages on Sunday were typical Canarias and I don’t prefer this style. It only took maybe 10 minutes to fix the damage after the crash because we just had a broken rim on the front but, apart from this, the car was okay. But we are in the finish and I am very happy for this so big thanks to the Czech federation, the partners, my parents and the guys from service. I am really looking forward now to Zlín.”
SINDRE FURUSETH (NOR) Position: DNF (mechanical)
Co-driver: Jim Hjerpe (SWE) Car: Opel ADAM R2
“We don't know exactly what happened yet but it was not electrical, it was mechanical because it was something inside the engine, maybe a broken piston. I did some stupid mistakes on the first day but I had the speed and it would have been a great fight for the victory. It’s really a shame what has happened but it was good to compare my speed to the best [young] drivers in Europe.”
TOM KRISTENSSON (SWE) Position: Second
Co-driver: Henrik Appelskog (SWE) Team: ADAC Opel Rallye Junior Team Car: Opel ADAM R2
“I am really happy. The pace was good and we have done clever in every decision. Actually I don’t know if I should laugh or cry but I will laugh because we have done a great job, we did some small mistakes with the set-up but I am happy with my position, I am really surprised about it but I am happy. You need to think about the tyres and the brakes and of course to survive the long days so you have to think a lot. For the championship this helps a lot because I got zero in Azores and fourth place in Canarias so I really needed a podium and this is going in the right way. Now we just need to find the speed directly from the start in Barum but the pace is nearly there and I feel really comfortable. As I have said before the car and the team are amazing and I am really thankful to everyone. This rally was really, really hard and really hard to describe because it is changing a lot. Sometimes it’s really fast, sometimes it’s really narrow and tricky and you need to change your driving style, change the thinking and everything.”
EFRÉN LLARENA (ESP) Position: Third
Co-driver: Sara Fernández (ESP) Team: Rally Team Spain Car: PEUGEOT 208 R2
“I am happy but on the first day we had a lot of problems. The engine was down on power when it was 100 degrees but that’s rally because you can always have mechanical problems. Some stages were okay when you had a lot of downhill but when it was not the power was down and it was difficult. We wanted a podium for the team and I am happy with this. We don’t lose too much points to the leader, which is not bad for us and we will go full attack in Barum.”
CATIE MUNNINGS (GBR) Position: Fifth
Co-driver: Anne Katharina Stein (DEU) Team: Saintéloc Junior Team Car: PEUGEOT 208 R2
“It’s been an awesome weekend because I’ve learned so much. I’m still learning on Tarmac and there’s still lots to improve. But we are making great progress and I think we’re now 1.3s per kilometre off the top ERC Junior Under 27 drivers, which is great for me after not many rallies. It started off badly with the pacenotes being stolen and that meant Anna was up all night making new ones and I really take my hat off to her. But we just keep improving and work through the situations to improve for the next time.”
MĀRTIŅŠ SESKS (LVA) Position: First
Co-driver: Renārs Francis (LVA) Team: ADAC Opel Rallye Junior Team Car: Opel ADAM R2
“It was a great weekend. Twelve months ago I didn’t expect that from this rally. I made the recce here with the ERC Junior Experience but I thought it’s such a difficult rally that it’s also a win to finish. But after winning it for real, in real life I am very happy and very pleased. I am very thankful to everybody who is with us and with the team and my coach and everyone. When I am enjoying it I am calm and relaxed but it all depends on how I feel. If I feel comfortable I feel confident, if I feel happy I am calm because I know what I can do. This was this weekend, everything was great. It was strange for such a difficult rally but there were no problems at all. My car chief made an excellent job for this rally. The whole team made a very good job.”
MATTIA VITA (ITA) Position: Fourth
Co-driver: Pietro Ometto (ITA) Team: Tagai Racing Technology Car: PEUGEOT 208 R2
“I am very happy to be at the end and thanks to the team because it’s a new experience with them. They are learning me to do the rally in the right mode because my driving style is still not the best. But with the engineer I am improving a lot and if I continue like this we can have a good result in the future. In the first stage [on Saturday] I went off and couldn’t select reverse so I lost some time. I was still thinking about this in the second stage and made another small mistake so I slide off [again]. Then we had heavy rain at the beginning [of stage four] so I struggled for confidence to push. I had to reset and calm down a bit, reset and start going again. I had a broken exhaust [on stage seven] and it was not easy to hear what the co-driver said and the stages were getting more and more dirty. My father was at the end of some stages and his advice about the stages is important because he knows them very well. But now I have some luck my season really starts and I want to say with this new team I am finding the right motivation with my team manager and engineer. It’s very good to work like this and I want to improve now.”
SIMON WAGNER (AUT) Position: DNF (accident)
Co-driver: Gerald Winter (AUT) Team: Saintéloc Junior Team Car: PEUGEOT 208 R2
“We lost the brakes two kilometres from the end of the second stage so we tried to cool everything down and get everything fixed for the third stage. For the first four kilometres there was no problem, not a normal brake pedal but it was consistent but when the [stage] started to go downhill I had much less brake pressure and it was too late to slow down for a corner and we hit the front right. It’s frustrating because I had a great test on Monday, almost the perfect set-up. Then our recce car was parked in central Rome before the start and broken into. They stole everything, we have nothing. The laptop is gone, the GoPro camera is gone. They also stole a six pack of water bottles, it was crazy. At least one good thing is what happened on this rally was not our fault.”
Quotes from the following drivers will be published as soon as possible:
Co-driver: Reeta Hamalainen (FIN) Team: Saintéloc Junior Team Car: PEUGEOT 208 R2
Co-driver: Jesper Elfver (SWE) Team: JR Motorsport Car: PEUGEOT 208 R2
Co-driver: Tobias Braun (DEU) Team: Stengg Motorsport Car: Opel ADAM R2

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