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21 AUGUST 2018


Round 4 of 6: Barum Czech Rally Zlín, 24-26 August
Co-driver: Petr Černohorský (CZE) Team: ACCR Czech Rally Team Car: Ford Fiesta R5
“It’s one of the most difficult Tarmac rallies, maybe the most difficult one. It’s really fast, really narrow and really bumpy and the Tarmac is changing all the time. But it’s really good to compete in Czech Republic and I really enjoy this rally. My home is 300 kilometres from here but I did it many times and hopefully after a not-to-good start to the season in the European championship this will be much better. Rome wasn’t our weekend with the punctures so I really hope to finish on the podium and I have a lot of experience in Zlín. The Fiesta [I drive now] is different to the Fabia [I used to drive] so we need to find the set-up a little bit on the pre-event test [on 21 August] but hopefully it will be fine. For sure we will be pushing.”
Co-driver: Yaroslav Fedorov (RUS) Team: Sports Racing Technologies Car: ŠKODA Fabia R5
“For me Barum Czech Rally Zlín is a very difficult race. Every year I have not been able to show the speed that I can on other rallies. I hope this year I will improve this and get myself at the sharp end of ERC Junior U28. There will be some very fast competitors on this rally, both overall and in ERC Junior, so it will be a good chance to compare myself to the very best drivers. The stages are good fun to drive so it should be a good weekend.”
Co-driver: Ross Whittock (GBR) Team: Toksport WRT Car: ŠKODA Fabia R5
“We are definitely pushing to win the ERC Junior U28s, as we feel we should’ve won both those two rounds we’ve done [Azores and Roma] without our punctures. We thought this year as our first in an R5 would be a massive learning curve but it’s so promising that we have yet to miss out on the podium even with some misfortune. Having said that Barum is probably the most competitive entry of the whole season, but we do want to put in some good times against the likes of [Dani] Sordo and [Jan] Kopecký overall. We started Rome and I was still learning but by the end we had an overall fastest time. I feel like I am more confident and better now than before my illness, I’m probably a much stronger driver than I’ve ever been. I love the Barum Rally. Everyone says it’s tricky as it’s narrow, bumpy and there can be a lot of mud pulled out but I think it suits my style. You have to attack a lot and take risks, confidence in set-up is critical here more so than maybe anywhere else. You need the confidence to attack those bumps, it’s a rally that rewards big balls. You’ve got to be braver here than on any other rally I’ve done.”
Co-driver: Frank Christian (DEU) Team: ŠKODA AUTO Deutschland Car: ŠKODA Fabia R5
“It was great to win the last round in Rome against such great competition but we must quickly forget about this and turn our attention to Barum Czech Rally Zlín. I think the Barum Rally is one of the most difficult Tarmac rallies in the world. For us it would be good to still be at the front of the ERC Junior U28 Championship. We have to manage the championship lead ahead of the last two gravel rounds as we are much stronger and more comfortable on asphalt. We look forward to a great battle [and prepared] in the right way by contesting our home world championship round, ADAC Rallye Deutschland, which [was] very good preparation.”
Co-driver: Jan Hloušek (CZE) Team: ACCR Czech Rally Team Car: ŠKODA Fabia R5
“Of course it is something very special for me to get a chance to compete on the Barum Rally with a ŠKODA Fabia R5, covered by the national ACCR Czech Rally Team. It’s obviously the greatest news of the summer for us. For sure this means we have our best opportunity to show what we have learned with our Fabia R5 so far and is the ideal way to compare our level with other European drivers. Some guys, who also competed in ERC Junior U27 last year, are now on the startling line with an R5, which could be good for comparison. However, I do not dare to predict our competitiveness in ERC Junior U28, but it is pretty clear, we are determined to put our best and let’s see where we are at the finish. The main objective remains the same though: to complete the rally and learn as much as possible.”
Co-driver: Geoffrey Combe (FRA) Team: PEUGEOT Rally Academy Car: PEUGEOT 208 T16
“I am looking forward to be at the Barum Rally. It is one of the most important rallies on the FIA ERC calendar. This is a real show with speed and action. As a driver, it is very interesting to be part of it. The car performance is essential but the driving has to be good too. We should have adaptability to stand out of the crowd. I will work hard to be on the top.”
Co-driver: Elliott Edmondson (GBR) Team: Kresta Racing Car: ŠKODA Fabia R5
“We got a little bit of bad luck on Rome, it was the second of the two punctures that ruined the event. Once you get a puncture you do drop down but others will get issues, the second one kicked us in the teeth so it was disappointing but I am happy with where my pace was on the second day. I’ve just got to try and keep doing what I’m doing. I’m not taking big risks or stuff I’ve just been a little unlucky, so hopefully my luck will turn for Barum. I’ve seen Barum and watched onboards but we’ve never competed there before, but it’ll be good as we hadn’t been to Azores or Rome either. Obviously the guys that have been there a few times have a little advantage but it doesn’t mean we can’t get a good result. We are with a new team, Kresta Racing, which is no bad thing given Roman Kresta finished third here last year. If you can’t get a good set-up off Roman then you’re going to struggle. We are also doing Ulster in the British championship the weekend before and obviously the scenery is different but the actual roads are bumpy and ‘cresty’ which isn’t too different to Barum, so it’s better than being in the south of France or somewhere less representative.”
Co-driver: Grzegorz Dachowski (POL) Team: MSZ Racing Car: Hyundai i20 R5
“I love Barum Czech Rally Zlín. It’s a staple of the ERC and one of the most lively and exciting rallies. A big shout out must go to the fans who plan to go, they always create a crazy atmosphere. I won the ERC Junior U27 category last year and even got nominated for the FIA Action of the Year for my big moment. I hope that we will be able to fight for a top place this year as well, but we need to make sure we are ready.”

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