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23 JULY 2018


FIA European Rally Championship 2018: Round 5 of 8, Rally di Roma Capitale, 20-22 July
Podium, Ostia, 21h30, Sunday 22 July

Alexey Lukyanuk/Alexey Arnautov (Russian Performance Motorsport), first position
Giandomenico Basso/Moira Lucca, second position
Grzegorz Grzyb/Jakub Wróbel (Rufa Sport), third position
Coming to you Alexey Lukyanuk, your memories of this event from last year were not good for you after you crashed out of the lead. But it’s been a wonderful experience for you this year. How are you feeling?
I’m happy. It was a long and tough event with a lot of stories around with crashes, delays, fire, punctures and stones but we had joy, we had fun and thanks to the organisers for a great. Maybe next time they will make it even better in some aspects. Thanks to my competitors for the great fight, we enjoyed it a lot and congratulations to everyone who reached the finish of this tough rally. Thank you for coming.
Turning next to Alexey Arnautov, what was the moment when you could be certain of your win?
Of course everything is possible and that’s why we have a third win this year and I truly believe we could manage [to win] this rally because last year we were also close to a good result despite my mistake. But the organisers helped me because there were no night stages! So I was safe about it and I knew he could manage. I knew we would definitely be here more or less on the podium. And by the end of yesterday I knew really it was coming true.
Turning next to Giandomenico Basso, second place after working very hard this weekend. You must be very pleased?
It’s been a very good event but from the moment of shakedown I have to thank my new co-driver Moira. She has been very courageous. A few days before the rally I was not sure if I could find a good co-driver for this event but I found Moira and it’s been a wonderful encounter. I also want to thank my team, Max Rendina and all the organisers. This is what a rally needs to be a great rally. I also want to thank my sponsors and Movisport.
And to you Moira, what has it been like to work with Giandomenico Basso for the first time? Will you do it again?
It’s been a pleasure, he’s like a bomb. The first stages of this experience have been like a bomb. I don’t yet if there will be more collaboration between us.
Turning next to Grzegorz Grzyb, does this result surprise you or did you expect a podium?
For us it’s a little surprise but it’s a nice surprise. But we knew we can go close to the podium if we go from start to finish without any mistakes and any situations. We are really happy. We fight, we tried to push but we know the ERC drivers are very fast and the local drivers, the Italian guys and woman are very fast. Thanks to everybody for this rally, the other competitors. We are happy, it’s been nice.
Finally, to Jakub Wróbel what was it like to be with this crazy driver on these stages?
It wasn’t crazy because we are friends and we know each other well. We are happy we are here.


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