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PRE-EVENT PRESS CONFERENCE TRANSCRIPT - 2015 FIA European Rally Championship: round seven of 10

Barum Czech Rally Zlín, Rally HQ, Building 21 (16th floor), 15:30hrs, Friday 27 August


Kajetan Kajetanowicz (LOTOS Rally Team Ford Fiesta R5)

Jan Kopecký (ŠKODA Motorsport)

Jaromír Tarabus (ŠKODA Fabia R5)

Emil Bergkvist (ERC Junior champion)

Question to Kajetan Kajetanowicz

What have you been doing in the six weeks since Rally Estonia to prepare for the Barum Rally?

“After Estonia we deserved some lazy days but not so many. We started to work hard soon after we came back from Estonia. We did a very intensive two days test which was crazy because the temperature was really high, it was like late summer. If you’re asking about holidays I went away but only for a few days.”

Question to Kajetan Kajetanowicz

How familiar are you with these type of Tarmac roads, and do they suit your driving style?

“I did my driving on many conditions but in these stages Barum Rally, in part, are unique. It’s a unique rally. In Poland we have similar stages but it’s not the same. It’s hard to compare stages. It’s hard to add up my driving to these stages but of course I will try. The road is changing all the time. Sometimes the road is flat, sometimes it’s very bumpy. It’s difficult to read the road and also to find a universal set-up. But anyway, we will try. Of course it’s difficult but we want to win. I can’t wait to start.”

Question to Kajetan Kajetanowicz

What do you feel is the key to scoring a good result here, extending your ERC lead and giving the many visiting Polish fans something to celebrate on Sunday night?

“I think it’s not a secret, it’s the same story like always. We want to be quick. The secret is to drive without mistakes. It’s really hard for a newcomer like me because we don’t have so much experience here. Stages are very tricky, they’re demanding. You can imagine Jaromir did it 15, about 15, times. We want to be quick from start to finish. That’s it, that’s my secret.”

Question for Jan Kopecký

You have won the Barum Rally three times. What is the key to success here and what is your strategy to making it four wins?

“We have good navigation and is our car is performing well I am sure it will go great. I myself will do my maximum to do that.”

Question for Jan Kopecký

What is your main aim this weekend – winning the ERC event or securing the Czech rally championship title?

“For me the priority number one is the Czech Rally Championship title but it is also the highest possible finish. I think that I will try to do my best. I think this year’s Czech Rally Zlin is going to be one of the fastest ever seen. Hopefully the weather we have seen will stay the same, as you can see it is beautiful. There is no mud on the tracks and the roads, the tracks are very clean. I hope that all the fans are going to have a lot of fun.”

Question for Jan Kopecký

After so much development, how pleased are you with the performance of the ŠKODA Fabia R5 in the field of battle and how much do you love the car?

“I don’t have it in my bed yet but I think that the car runs really great. And for me the one thing that makes the results is when you look at the score boards, I think if you look in April the car won a lot of points and was successful on the national level and also at WRC2. I want to thank all the engineers who are making this possible. We are making some improvements and are I hope we will continue to be successful with it.”

Question for Jaromír Tarabus

How much testing have you done in your new ŠKODA Fabia R5 and how prepared are you for the Barum Czech Rally Zlín?

As Kajetan said, I have driven here many, many times but I don’t remember exactly how many times it was. Maybe when I stop driving I will look into the records and perhaps I will find the precise number. We’ve had the car for about three weeks now and we’ve driven something about 150 kilometres in it, both in wet and dry conditions. At the beginning I didn’t feel very sure with it but now it’s getting better and better, I’m getting more used to it. We also had a little bit of problems today, we hit some bumps and some rocks on the road but I think it will be fine.”

Question for Jaromír Tarabus

What result would make you happy come Sunday night – or are you aiming for nothing less than outright victory?

“The results now I can’t predict. In last year’s we made the podium so that would make us really happy if we could do that as well this year. But I think I can’t say what the result will be right now. We would be really happy with top five.”

Question for Jaromír Tarabus

What are your plans for the rest of the season with the ŠKODA Fabia R5?

“Our plans for the rest of the season, we would like to appear on gravel and I think it is no secret that we will start in Cyprus. We are looking forward to it. Also we would like to try races on Tarmac and I think there will only be one of them and it will be in Switzerland.”

Question for Emil Bergkvist

Has the title 2015 ERC Junior champion sunk in yet and how do you feel?

“For sure I feel really happy of course. I’m glad that I get the opportunity to do this year in the Junior ERC. It’s helped me a lot for my future for sure.”

Question for Emil Bergkvist

What are your, and the Opel team’s, plans for this weekend? We guess you are not planning to take things easy!

“My plan for this weekend is I will try to go for my third victory in this season. And also we have a chance for the vice-championship for my team-mate so I think we will go for that.”

Questions from the floor.

Question to Kajetan Kajetanowicz

How do your preparations differ from last year’s Rally Zlin and how do your ambitions differ?

“In last year I was thinking I’m strong and it will be easier to win.I thought it will be easier but it wasn’t easy to fight. Of course now it’s better for me because we have more experience than this year. We know much more about the suspension, about the road and stages. It’s the same rally but it’s a very difficult rally. We are not sure, we never know what happens. We want to push and that’s it. Of course we want to be fast here on Barum Rally but we must think about the European Rally Championship. This is my target. I’m happy to be here, we have many Polish fans, this is important for me. However, we must keep concentration. We must find compromise between the result and fun. We see. We want to try.”