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Round 5 of 6: PZM 75th Rally Poland, 21-23 September
Co-driver: Yaroslav Fedorov (RUS) Team: Sports Racing Technologies Car: ŠKODA Fabia R5
“I’m really happy because I didn’t expect to win this rally. I wanted to win the ERC Junior U28 [classification] but I was able to win [overall] so it’s really good for me. We had a few problems with tyre wear on the last loop and I’m really sorry for [Jari Huttunen] for his penalty because that gave me the chance to win. Honestly, he was really fast and I hope in the future we’re going to have a fight with him again. But we have good points now [in ERC Junior Under 28] and this is the most important thing.”
CHRIS INGRAM (GBR) Position: Second
Co-driver: Ross Whittock (GBR) Team: Toksport WRT Car: ŠKODA Fabia R5
“If you said we’ll be on the podium in the end, I would have taken it, so I’m really happy. It’s an amazing feeling to finally get my first international podium. I haven’t got any experience driving an R5 car on such fast stages so we’re really happy with the pace. Obviously, the top two guys were in a league of their own and I think we’ve done our best and we’re really pleased. I learned so much this weekend. In the Qualifying Stage, we were eighth or ninth so we’ve improved all the time which is amazing. I want to do a rally again… next week. Massive thanks to the team and all my sponsors.”
Co-driver: Damian Syty (POL) Team: Tiger Energy Drink Rally Team Car: Ford Fiesta R5
“This wasn’t my best rally. I know I’m capable of going faster. Sometimes it’s better, sometimes it’s worse. This one was one of the worst times. I still had a lot of fun, managed to set a few good times. On Saturday I went out and hit a tree head on so I’m happy to be here at the finish. When we hit the three I thought we were going to stay there and that will be the end of our adventure. Happily, we completed all the stages but it seems that it was not my rally. Unfortunately, we were cleaning the road [on Sunday] as we’re second in the running order, so that affected us.”
FABIAN KREIM (DEU) Position: Third
Co-driver: Frank Christian (DEU) Team: ŠKODA AUTO Deutschland Car: ŠKODA Fabia R5
“It was a very, very tough rally, especially the speed, it was so high. It was a completely new experience for me but we improved from stage to stage, that’s very good and in the end we’re really satisfied with our speed, the car, and everything and we’re looking forward to the next rally now. I definitely didn’t expect that such a result is possible and we have to be satisfied with the progress. Being ahead of Chris [Ingram] would have been important from a championship point of view but it was more important to see the end of the rally because we need every kilometre on gravel.”
MIKO MARCZYK (POL) Position: Fourth
Co-driver: Szymon Gospodarczyk (POL) Team: ŠKODA Polska Motorsport Car: ŠKODA Fabia R5
“It wasn’t easy, especially the last loop, to complete the last two stages without making a mistake and give my best during the [Polish championship power stage] and to make it to the end. I’m mentally tired because you had to calculate everything and I’m not an experienced driver. Moreover, I’m a rather young person so I felt a bit overwhelmed. I’m happy that we won Rally Poland in the Polish championship, that’s absolutely massive. It’s an excellent day for us, my second rally on gravel and my first time in the ERC.”
FILIP MAREŠ (CZE) Position: Fifth
Co-driver: Jan Hloušek (CZE) Team: ACCR Czech Rally Team Car: ŠKODA Fabia R5
“The first morning was very difficult for me. Sometimes it was very slippery being fourth car on the road but we were still learning and improving our abilities on gravel. In comparison to Saturday morning, the feeling [on Saturday afternoon] was an other level from my point of view in terms of confidence and what is needed for gravel rallying. I was not satisfied with my performance [on Sunday morning] and my speed was not as good as I wanted. In the end of the third stage we had a problem with the front-right damper. The car was very nervous and it was difficult to be confident in these conditions. At the end, we took it easy because of the gap ahead over Tomasz Kasperczyk. There were no problems for us, we enjoyed the stages and the whole rally, so we’re satisfied with the result. I’m happy to be here. I definitely improved on the second loop and I know where to find seconds to the fastest guys but it will take some time.”
LAURENT PELLIER (FRA) Position: Seventh (DNF leg one, radiator damage)
Co-driver: Geoffrey Combe (FRA) Team: PEUGEOT Rally Academy Car: PEUGEOT 208 T16
“Before one chicane in a long right corner on a Tarmac section [on stage six] I lost the rear. I tried to control the car but at the last moment the car was moving on the left but on the left there was an obstacle and we hit this. We continue but we have one alarm on the dashboard. We attempt to repair to go at the stop point but it was not sufficient to finish the day. Saturday was a shame but Sunday was much better, in particular in the afternoon. It was only my second gravel rally in a four-wheel-drive car and the car worked well. I was still searching for my set-up but we learned a lot, we set some good times and I’m happy. Usually, I like fast stages I liked the ones here.”
ŁUKASZ PIENIĄŻEK (POL) Position: DNF (accident)
Co-driver: Przemysław Mazur (POL) Team: Printsport Car: ŠKODA Fabia R5
“It’s a pity because we wanted to present ourselves well here. We knew that we have the pace that we’ve been building up for a while, kept picking it up and stage times kept improving. The podium was a possibility. We had problems during the Qualifying Stage. The road was so damaged that a lot of dust went into the radiator and the temperature raised. I should have switched off the engine but I carried on and in all that stress. Finally, we lost four seconds. That resulted in a bad position on the road, we ended up at the tail end of the top 15. It would have been better to be outside of top 15. That raised the pressure and I was concerned that I’m going to lose a lot of time during that first loop, cleaning the road. It was easy to make a mistake and on the second of today’s stages, on a very slippery paving, the car just didn’t turn, we went out and straight into a tree. That was the end of the rally for us. Since the beginning we wanted to go flat out and this kind of tactics not always pay off. The scrutineers decided that the car was unsuitable to continue on Sunday.”


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