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8 OCTOBER 2018


Round 6 of 6: Rally Liepāja, 12-14 October
Co-driver: Joakim Sjöberg (SWE) Team: CA1 Sport Car: ŠKODA Fabia R5
“Unfortunately, we had to skip Barum and Poland as my co-driver was expecting the birth of his second child, so because of that we couldn’t enter either, which was a shame but I’m looking forward to Latvia now. I’m a Scandinavian driver growing up with these roads [like Latvia] so I’m much more comfortable on the fast stuff than the technical narrow stuff like Azores. I think it should be a good weekend, we just need to get the package together. I’ve been on Tarmac for the last couple of rallies so I’ll need to rediscover the feeling for gravel in the test. I would love to be fighting with [Nikolay] Gryazin, he’s quick of course but we want to be fighting with him. He’ll be blindingly fast so I wouldn’t be saying that if this wasn’t a rally I’ve done before.” 
Co-driver: Yaroslav Fedorov (RUS) Team: Sports Racing Technologies Car: ŠKODA Fabia R5
“I am looking to have a good race in Liepāja. We hope to win the ERC Junior Under 28 title and the event itself like last year and we hope everything goes to that plan! We will push for the U28s but not to the absolute max but, if possible, we will push for that overall spot also. But I have to be careful, as this is the last chance to score points for the U28s.”
Co-driver: Ross Whittock (GBR) Team: Toksport WRT Car: ŠKODA Fabia R5
“We have to win this event. We need to just go flat out but that’s going to be an incredibly difficult thing to do. We learned a lot in Poland and improved a lot so you never know. It was great to learn how fast our car could actually go, it was a great experience so we are looking forward to finishing the year hopefully on a high. This is still my first year in R5 and we are managing to bang in podiums and it’s impressing people. In Latvia it’s all about trying to win the title and be up with [Nikolay] Gryazin, but I can’t tell you how difficult that is because he is on world pace at the moment.”
Co-driver: Frank Christian (DEU) Team: ŠKODA AUTO Deutschland Car: ŠKODA Fabia R5
“I don’t think we hold the best cards in the fight for the championship to be honest. Now we are down to third position and have a lot less experience on gravel than Nikolay [Gryazin] and Chris [Ingram]. But we promise to fight to the very end. Hopefully we can find a good rhythm and then we will try to learn as much as we can on gravel.”
Co-driver: Jan Hloušek (CZE) Team: ACCR Czech Rally Team Car: ŠKODA Fabia R5
“Rally Poland has given us a lot of experience and, at the same time, has shown us a few aspects that we need to change or fundamentally improve. And it's great, the opportunity to do the steps forward comes, thanks to ACCR Czech Rally Team, right now with Rally Liepāja. Anyway, with the kilometres completed in Poland, we know much better what to expect with an R5 on gravel, and we already can't wait for the start of the rally! We have our own goals for the rally, but the most important one is to finish all the stages and take another significant experience for the future. On the other side, we participated on Rally Liepāja last year and together with the experience from Poland, we would like to be evidently closer to the fastest ones and concurrently more consistant in terms of time lost per kilometre.”
Co-driver: Geoffrey Combe (FRA) Team: PEUGEOT Rally Academy Car: PEUGEOT 208 T16
“Since my participation in the ERC Junior Experience here in 2017, I'm going to Latvia with a lot of stages to discover in a four-wheel-drive car. The competitive distance will be just above 200 kilometres so we need to be attentive and focus during reconnaissance and Free Practice to be 100 per cent ready. The roads can be wide then narrow and some times we have to throw off the ropes and go in big drifts without braking. We hope we can get a good result with the PEUGEOT 208 T16 during the final round. We want to finish the season with the best result possible for the PEUGEOT Rally Academy.”
Co-driver: Elliott Edmondson (GBR) Team: Kresta Racing Car: ŠKODA Fabia R5
“The opportunity came up two weeks ago to do this event with Roman [Kresta] again, so it’s all a bit last minute. We just got a phone call from him asking if we could do it, so we’re going to go and do it. We aren’t really in any championship situation but we thought it’s a good event to go and do, go and get the experience and learn for maybe next year as well. Apparently the stages are similar to Poland, very sand-based, but I’ve not done much of that so it will be a learning experience. We are doing Rally GB first so that’s the main focus just now but after that we’ll be straight into Latvia and I’m looking forward to it. It would be nice to get onto the ERC Junior U28 podium again and see if we can move on from our bad luck from Rome and Barum. We are going there to have a good push and prove our pace but we need to gain the experience so don’t want to put it off on the first stage through trying too hard.”

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