Q&A with Charles Martin

Charles Martin will blast off into new territory tomorrow, as the 208 Rally Cup champion makes his Irish rally debut on the Discover Northern Ireland Circuit of Ireland Rally. We caught up with the 25-year old Paris-based Peugeot Rally Academy driver, as he prepares for only his second rally in the 208 T16.

What are your first impressions of the Circuit of Ireland stages?

“The stages are very very crazy! They have a lot of jumps, and that’s not the kind of road I am used to, but we have done a good test and the test road was much more bumpy than the rally roads, so I think we have done a good test. I hope I will be fast, but for sure I have so much to learn. I won’t push too hard. I want to finish the rally and do the maximum number of kilometres. I will try to do my best.”

What is your strategy for the event?

“I want to try and find the good balance between pushing and taking not so much risks. I don’t have a big strategy, I just want to try and do what I know what to do and we will see after the first two or three stages.”

Has your team-mate Craig Breen given you any advice?

“For sure, it’s nice to be with Craig in the same team. He knows the rally, he knows the car, and he helps me a lot. I ask him a few things and for sure it’s good advice.”